Before coming 

I recommend remove all make-up, at least eye make-up. If you need to have make-up on, don’t worry. There’re make-up removers at the studio. I also recommend wash your hair before coming because you’d better not get your eyes wet for 24 hours after your lash done. If you wear glassed often than contact lenses, please bring the glasses so that I can check it the extensions are touching the glasses or not
How long does it take
It takes about 60-75 min for natural new set unless the technician is beginner. 30mins for bottom lashes. Refill takes 45-75min, depends on the lashes’ condition
What is refill
First step is taking off the lashes which have bad condition, flip over, being far from eyelid or being about to fall off and the last step is filling up with fresh new lashes.
How long do the extensions last?
If you got the extensions from professionals with good quality glue, they last about 2-3 weeks. 
If the technicians are beginner or you don’t take care of the extensions well, they stay less than 1 week.
If more than 50% of the extensions last more than 5 weeks, you need to consider to leave the eyelash technician because the technician use very strong glue which is very harmful for human